?Exclusive: Drug Implants to Help Address Addiction Among Doctors, Staff

?Exclusive: Drug Implants to Help Address Addiction Among Doctors, Staff
Surrounded by medication that can easily be accessed, doctors and other medical workers are in a very precarious situation, making them all the more prone to drug addiction. In the past few weeks, news broke out of a nurse and a doctor overdosing on …
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Drug addicts lack help – Rural Women
The organisation representing rural women says it concerned about a lack of access to services for drug addicts in their communities as legal highs come off the shelf in a fortnight. Synthetic cannabis and a pipe. Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski.
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Paroled 'Sopranos' Actor Discusses Drug Addiction
After spending eight years in prison, former "Sopranos" actor Lillo Brancato Jr. says he's trying to help young people avoid making similar, drug-fueled mistakes. "Here I am, I get the opportunity, I get the shot and then squander it, and do what I did …
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Recovering addict Melanie Griffith flies into LA after inspirational speech at
TV, saying: 'I think it's really important that people know – everyone from every walk of life – that there are many addicts and alcoholics in our country and we all need help.' Melanie bravely admitted that her biggest issue was admitting she was …
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