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Judge Denies Another Delay in Drug Cases

Judge denies another delay in drug cases
… minor offenses, vs major offenses. If its a first offense, time served and release to a rehab center. Why aren't the Drug Courts doing their job and court ordering to detox and rehab, oh I forget we don't have detox and rehabs… Continue reading

Christie Calls War on Drugs Ineffective, Announces Program to Send Some

Christie Calls War On Drugs Ineffective, Announces Program To Send Some
Christie said the state is phasing in a program to send non-violent drug-addicted first-time offenders to rehab instead of jail. “No life is disposable,” said the governor. The state legislature is working on a measure that would allow… Continue reading

Tiny House Part of Recovering Addict's Healing Journey

Tiny house part of recovering addict's healing journey
He says he turned to drugs and alcohol when he was just eight years old. The pain and addiction followed Merklinger into adulthood, until it became unbearable. “I was planning my suicide, and that … He went to rehab in Barrie, Ontario… Continue reading

Rights of Drug Addiction Patients Violated: Ruling

Rights of drug addiction patients violated: ruling
Four years after he left Narconon Trois-Rivières, and two years after the so-called drug rehabilitation centre was shut down by the public health agency, David Love has been vindicated by the Quebec Human Rights Commission, which concluded the centre …
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Meet Dr. Jackie Stiff, Prevention Expert — UHC TV

Meet Dr. Jackie Stiff, Prevention Expert — UHC TV — http://www.uhc.tv Dr. Jackie Stiff, medical director with UnitedHealthcare, answers your questions about prevention and living a healthy life. To ask one of …

Michigan guide to the Affordable Care Act
Prescription drugs: At least one drug in every category and… Continue reading

Is MDPV Illegal in the USA?

Question by talz: Is MDPV illegal in the USA?
Recently my brother-in-law has gone a little crazy because of this drug. He has become delusional and claims peopel are trying to kill and hurt him. We took him to the behavior center but they couldn’t keep him because he wasn’t… Continue reading

Veritas Villa

Veritas Villa — This video explores the story of Veritas Villa in Monticello, NY, which in time has moved on to able hands in Villa Veritas. This rehab for alcoholics has im…

Heroin special report: Counterattacking the epidemic in Rockford and the Rock
Heroin is the most dangerous and… Continue reading

Narcan Saves First Life in Ocean County, Officials Say

Narcan saves first life in Ocean County, officials say
Once police administered the drug, the individual regained consciousness and was transported by Tri-Boro First Aid Squad to Community Medical Center, Toms River. “It's a good day … If they're dead we can't do much, but if they're breathing we can… Continue reading

Maryland Dems Back Decriminalizing Pot

Maryland Dems back decriminalizing pot
Hoyer acknowledged his early opposition to the decriminalization effort, "mainly because I've talked to a lot of … drug rehab people and they say it's a gateway drug and therefore we don't think it's useful. "But having said that," he added, "I …
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Report Ranks Emory No. 3 in Sex Offenses, Univ. of West Ga. No. 10 in Alcohol

Report ranks Emory No. 3 in sex offenses, Univ. of West Ga. No. 10 in alcohol
A study released by the website Rehabs.com ranks Emory University No. 3 in forcible sex offenses per 1,000 … “The University of West Georgia takes drug and alcohol infractions seriously,”said Police Chief… Continue reading