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Help Stop Drug Addiction?

Question by Toddzilla: Help Stop Drug Addiction?
Any advice would be apprciated.. I am attending NA and AA nightly including an IOP program and still find it extremely difficult to stop using… my wife and job have dissapeared and I having nothing else to loose still cant stop…… Continue reading

How to Convince Others to Reach Out and Help Drug Addicts?

Question by Just wonderin’: How to convince others to reach out and help drug addicts?
I am 29 days clean from many many drugs without ANY help from my church or my town. I had people from other states reach out to me to help… Continue reading

Congressman Hal Rogers Leads the Fight to Stop Prescription Drug Abuse

Congressman Hal Rogers leads the fight to stop prescription drug abuse
Today Congressman Hal Rogers is leading a delegation of Congressmen, healthcare experts, and nationally known spokespersons, to fight a major epidemic of Americans addicted to prescription drugs at the UNITE National Summit on Drug Abuse this week.
drug abuse… Continue reading

Brief Screening Instrument for Adolescent Substance Abuse Shows Promise

Brief screening instrument for adolescent substance abuse shows promise
The study was based in Baltimore, with 92.8% of the participants being of African American descent, and the substance use reported in the study was in line with national data found for African Americans. Dr. Kelly and her associates recommended that …… Continue reading

One in Three Canadians Has Suffered Child Abuse, Study Says

One in three Canadians has suffered child abuse, study says
While those numbers seem high, Dr. Afifi said in an interview she was not surprised by the results, which are consistent with previously documented findings in Ontario and data from the U.S. She added that drug use or dependence,… Continue reading

A Growing Number of Americans: Drug Abuse Is a Health Issue, Not a Crime

A Growing Number of Americans: Drug Abuse Is a Health Issue, Not a Crime
Other countries, like Canada and Switzerland, have shown how the shifting opinion can result in action. While no one thinks drug addiction is a good thing, more and more people are starting to think that the… Continue reading

Ohio Attorney General Hosts Drug Abuse Community Forum at LCCC

Ohio Attorney General hosts Drug Abuse Community Forum at LCCC
ELYRIA — Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine surveyed a room alive with conversations and said a Drug Abuse Community Forum was successful April 21 at Lorain County Community College in Elyria. “What I hope happens is just what you see… Continue reading

Greens Don't Think Nigella Lawson Should Be Punished Over Drug Use

Greens don't think Nigella Lawson should be punished over drug use
The 53-year-old chef admitted during the fraud trial of her former employees last year to snorting cocaine seven times and also smoking cannabis to help her cope with her first husband's terminal cancer and then later as her marriage… Continue reading

What Personality Might Have to Do With Drug Abuse Risk

What Personality Might Have To Do With Drug Abuse Risk
People with certain personality traits may be at increased risk for drug use problems, and studying personality may help researchers better understand and treat these problems, according to a new review. Many studies have attempted to link genes to the… Continue reading

CADCA’s GOT OUTCOMES! Coalition in Focus Award – Prevention Council of Roanoke County

CADCA’s GOT OUTCOMES! Coalition in Focus Award – Prevention Council of Roanoke County — Formed in 2001 and based in Roanoke, Virginia, the Prevention Council of Roanoke County works to prevent alcohol, illicit drug use and related behaviors amon…

Virginia to collect surplus prescription drugs Saturday
Drop off points for… Continue reading