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Abuse, Theft of Prescription Drugs on the Rise, N.D. Attorney General Says

Abuse, theft of prescription drugs on the rise, N.D. attorney general says
BISMARCK – Prescription drug abuse and theft are on the rise in North Dakota as children and thieves increasingly hunt for unused medications in medicine cabinets and bathroom drawers, with some burglars going so far as to target… Continue reading

Dallas Drug Rehab Detox | 877-667-4695 | Dallas Drug Abuse Intervention Counseling

Dallas Drug Rehab Detox | 877-667-4695 | Dallas Drug Abuse Intervention Counseling — Dallas Drug Rehab Detox | 877-667-4695 | Dallas Drug Abuse Intervention Counseling http://alcoholdrugrehabusa.blogspot.com Alcohol detoxification Alcohol det…

Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Nearly Cancer Free, Diamond Dallas Page Says
Roberts suffered through drug and alcohol abuse for… Continue reading

Brief Screening Instrument for Adolescent Substance Abuse Shows Promise

Brief screening instrument for adolescent substance abuse shows promise
The study was based in Baltimore, with 92.8% of the participants being of African American descent, and the substance use reported in the study was in line with national data found for African Americans. Dr. Kelly and her associates recommended that …… Continue reading

Greens Don't Think Nigella Lawson Should Be Punished Over Drug Use

Greens don't think Nigella Lawson should be punished over drug use
The 53-year-old chef admitted during the fraud trial of her former employees last year to snorting cocaine seven times and also smoking cannabis to help her cope with her first husband's terminal cancer and then later as her marriage… Continue reading

Let's Talk About Drugs, Not Demonise Them

Let's talk about drugs, not demonise them
… ZealandUS01020304050607080. Percentage of last year usersEmergency medical treatmentAustralians were among the most likely to seek emergency help for MDMA use andthe least likely to seek emergency help for alcohol use.
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Addiction impacts patients, physicians alike… Continue reading

Christie Calls War on Drugs Ineffective, Announces Program to Send Some

Christie Calls War On Drugs Ineffective, Announces Program To Send Some
Christie said the state is phasing in a program to send non-violent drug-addicted first-time offenders to rehab instead of jail. “No life is disposable,” said the governor. The state legislature is working on a measure that would allow… Continue reading

Healthy Sheboygan County 2020 Column: Safe Disposal of Medications Helps Combat Prescription Drug Abuse

Healthy Sheboygan County 2020 column: Safe disposal of medications helps combat prescription drug abuse
Prescription drug abuse has become a concern nationally and in Sheboygan County. It is a community problem that affects all of us. You may be aware of the recent news regarding the heroin epidemic which is… Continue reading

'Epipen for Addicts' Proposed to Fight Prescription Drug Overdoses

'Epipen for addicts' proposed to fight prescription drug overdoses
High-ranking medical officials, police and educators are preparing to unveil new guidelines in Hamilton to curb prescription drug misuse, including the proposed use of a type of “Epipen for addicts" called prophylactic Naloxone. Prophylactic Naloxone …
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Treating Drug Abuse as a Disease, Not a Crime

Treating Drug Abuse as a Disease, Not a Crime
In a survey released today by the Pew Research Center, 87 percent of people characterized drug abuse is either a “crisis” or a “serious problem” in the U.S. That number hasn’t changed much in nearly twenty years. What has changed is… Continue reading

Do You Have an Alcohol or Drug Problem?

Do You Have an Alcohol or Drug Problem?
The following self-assessment tests can help you determine whether or not it may be time to get help. Dealing With a Hangover? …. I really do not understand how a program like this allows two drug addicts get involved espeacially when… Continue reading