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Financial Aid for Drug Rehabs?

Question by PragerGirl: Financial aid for drug rehabs?
I have a friend who seriously needs to get into a rehab clinic, but he has no insurance. Do you know of any programs that offer assistance in paying for the rehab. Or how to go about finding one? I would appreciate… Continue reading

Galloway, NJ Welcomes New Drug Treatment Center: Addiction Treatment

Galloway, NJ Welcomes New Drug Treatment Center: Addiction Treatment
Addiction Treatment Services International (ATSI) recently opened its doors in Galloway, New Jersey. The 8500 square-foot drug and alcohol treatment facility “aims to transform the rehabilitation industry one life at a time.” ATSI is founded on several …
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Where Do I Find a Drug Rehab in Pocahontas, Tennessee?

Question by kim: Where do I find a drug rehab in Pocahontas, Tennessee?
Hey I’m looking for a drug rehab for my friend Dana. She is currently battling an addiction to cocaine and she is really having a hard time and we all know that she needs to get some… Continue reading

Inpatient Drug Rehab for Teenagers

Inpatient Drug Rehab For Teenagers — Inpatiant Drug Rehab For Teenagers Get the help your teen needs right now to get rid of their drug or alcohol addiction right now. Drug rehab center is the f…

Drug Rehab Facilities Taking Notice of Teen Heroin Use
It is believed that this… Continue reading

Some Specialty Care More Expensive Under ACA

Some specialty care more expensive under ACA
Battling a rare form of leukemia, Pat Elliott must take a regimen of prescription drugs costing $ 8,000 per month just to stay alive. Until this year, she managed her medical expenses with insurance … Even fewer health insurers sell plans on the… Continue reading

I Wish to Find Drug Rehabs in Medford, New York. How Will I Do This?

Question by beatriz s: I wish to find drug rehabs in Medford, New York. How will I do this?
I don’t live there, but my sister does. It surprised me to know that she’s drug addicted now. I never thought that kind of thing would happen to her, of all… Continue reading

I Want to Find Drug Rehabs in North Salt Lake, Utah. How Do I Go About This?

Question by cadence c: I want to find drug rehabs in North Salt lake, Utah. How do I go about this?
My brother, as well as his wife, are both addicted to heroin. They really need to get themselves treated. I feel sorry for their kids. I have… Continue reading

What Are Some Good Ways to Deal With Bottled Up Anger/sadness?

Question by : What are some good ways to deal with bottled up anger/sadness?
I just want to know some good, non painful, ways to deal with all the anger and sadness I have bottled up inside. :/
Also, I’m Atheist. .-.

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Answer by chaoticgodz
I have had… Continue reading

'Pain and Suffering' and the Rule of Law: Why Caps Are Needed

'Pain And Suffering' And The Rule Of Law: Why Caps Are Needed
If I cause you to miss work during rehab from your injury, your lost income has a market value. So does … Little wonder too, as the Wall Street Journal just noted, that annual malpractice premiums for an… Continue reading

Looking for Outpatient Drug Rehab in Kansas City Mo That Accepts Medicaid?

Question by sadface: looking for outpatient drug rehab in kansas city mo that accepts medicaid?

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Answer by sweet_n_sultry_30
this is for the person looking for rehab in kansas city for medicaid benefits. dont know that area but am familiar with social services so try looking for a… Continue reading