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Target2: Heroin Epidemic, a Lengthy Recovery

Target2: Heroin Epidemic, A Lengthy Recovery
There are more than a dozen treatment options available in Northeast Wisconsin ranging from in and out-patient programs to dosing of methadone which is a drug used to wean people off heroin. All this though comes at a price even counselors say … does… Continue reading

Galloway, NJ Welcomes New Drug Treatment Center: Addiction Treatment

Galloway, NJ Welcomes New Drug Treatment Center: Addiction Treatment
Addiction Treatment Services International (ATSI) recently opened its doors in Galloway, New Jersey. The 8500 square-foot drug and alcohol treatment facility “aims to transform the rehabilitation industry one life at a time.” ATSI is founded on several …
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Addiction Treatment Center Rochester MN | Detox Rochester MN | Drug Abuse Center Rochester MN

Addiction Treatment Center Rochester MN | Detox Rochester MN | Drug Abuse Center Rochester MN — http://rochester.alcoholismrecoverycenter.com/treatment-center-rochester-mn/ Addiction Treatment Rochester, MN provides a wholesome, sympathetic environment …

Capital Regional Medical Center First In US To Use New Medical Device
Just days prior to the Margie's arrival at Capital Regional, Medtronic,… Continue reading

DAVE MCNEELY: Texas Taxpayers Are Losers in the Drug War

DAVE MCNEELY: Texas taxpayers are losers in the drug war
SAN ANGELO, Texas — Rarely do the left and right agree. But they have backed into each other in deciding that long sentences for most drug offenders … comes with human and moral costs that are impossible to calculate.” Republican… Continue reading

Addiction Recovery New Jersey

addiction recovery new jersey — This is the psycho-educational addiction and mental health recovery method accessible 24/7. It’s got resources no matter if you are usually the one strugglin…

A bipolar doctor probes the brain on 'Black Box'
NEW YORK (AP) — ABC's brainy new medical drama "Black Box" does… Continue reading

One in Three Canadians Has Suffered Child Abuse, Study Says

One in three Canadians has suffered child abuse, study says
While those numbers seem high, Dr. Afifi said in an interview she was not surprised by the results, which are consistent with previously documented findings in Ontario and data from the U.S. She added that drug use or dependence,… Continue reading

Consumer Reports: Surviving a Hospital Stay

Consumer Reports: Surviving a hospital stay
Patients get the wrong drugs, fail to get needed tests or treatments or develop infections that could have been prevented. … For its mortality ratings, Consumer Reports uses the most recent data available from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid …
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Heroin Use Taking a Toll on Pennsylvania

Heroin use taking a toll on Pennsylvania
INSURANCE BATTLES: While most insurance policies state that they allow coverage of up to 30 days in a residential drug treatment center, nobody actually gets those 30 days, said Tom McLellan, CEO of the Treatment Research Institute. The average …
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Hereditary Angioedema Costs Nevada Taxpayers $4000 for State Inmate

Hereditary Angioedema Costs Nevada Taxpayers 00 for State Inmate
Once a week, inmate Jamie Hein receives two daily drug infusions for Hereditary Angioedema that costs Nevada taxpayers $ 4,000 per treatment. … She is currently incarcerated at the Florence McClure Women's Correctional Center in North Las Vegas.
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Rural Ohio Ravaged by Drug Deaths

Rural Ohio ravaged by drug deaths
“We have access to a handful of inpatient beds at (Nova Behavioral Health substance abuse treatment center in Dayton), but that's not nearly enough to handle the need. Having a safe place to detox was critical in my situation, but a lot of people… Continue reading