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Does Anyone Know of a Good Detox and Inpatient Treatment Center in Milwaukee, WI?

Question by EzraMoon: Does anyone know of a good detox and inpatient treatment center in Milwaukee, WI?

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Answer by kermit
I’ve heard Meta House is really good.
Are you a woman? They specialize in women. Its downtown on prospect.

my friend was doing outpatiet stuff there… she… Continue reading

Hallucinating Away a Heroin Addiction

Hallucinating Away a Heroin Addiction
But the typical plan, rehab and detox, rarely works. …. Clean and sober for 12 years, he looks nowhere near 51, eats a healthy diet six days a week and “cheats” one, and stays as active as he can, taking time out of each day… Continue reading

Health Groups Say FDA 'vaping' Rules Fail to Protect Children

Health groups say FDA 'vaping' rules fail to protect children
WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration's move to regulate e-cigarettes drew criticism Thursday from some public health advocates, who said the regulations do not go far enough to protect young consumers. The proposed rule would for the first …
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Virginia Beach VA Drug Rehab Call (888) 321-1718 Drug Rehab Center Virginia Beach Virginia

Virginia Beach VA Drug Rehab Call (888) 321-1718 Drug Rehab Center Virginia Beach Virginia — Call 888-321-1718 for help anytime http://drugrehabscenter.org/ Picking the right rehab center for your recovery. The place of a drug rehab center certainly …

Love and fire
The Accomack County Sheriff's Office doesn't have its own… Continue reading

North Country Heroin Stuns Small Towns, Wrecks Lives

North Country heroin stuns small towns, wrecks lives
A few years ago, addicts were forced to make long trips to Albany or Syracuse or even New York City to find heroin. Matthew Bell, a detective with Plattsburgh police who specializes in drug … State Senator Betty Little, who co-chaired Friday's… Continue reading

Does Anyone Know of a Great Cancer Treatment Center?

Question by : Does anyone know of a great cancer treatment center?
My uncle was recently diagnosed with colon cancer stage four, liver cancer, pancreas cancer and brain cancer. He also has diabetes. Doctors say he has probably had this for about eight years, but was never diagnosed. He is… Continue reading

I Know This Is Long but Its VIP to My Family and It Is a 911 Crisis for Us. Please Help With Advice!?

Question by amberhay2602: I know this is long but its VIP to my family and it is a 911 crisis for us. Please help with advice!?
Hi my name is Amber and I am desperate for help for my 31 year old sister.… Continue reading

Wellmont Diabetes Treatment Centers Holding Health Fair

Wellmont Diabetes Treatment Centers holding health fair — The free event at Holston Valley Medical Center on Tuesday, March 26, will include an opportunity to take a diabetes risk assessment test, which takes into a…

CRC Health Group to pay .25 million to settle TennCare fraud allegations
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Shakespeare in Shackles: Laura Bates

Shakespeare in Shackles: Laura Bates
I told him that the hard-core prisoners he was working with were beyond rehabilitation." She soon learned, however, that people in jail awaiting trial can be unstable, unsettled by drug withdrawal or by the adjustment to incarceration. "Ironically …
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Docs Bill Medicare While Financing Top Dems, Raking in Drug Company Rebates

Docs bill Medicare while financing top Dems, raking in drug company rebates
The doctor billed a bulk of his reimbursements for Lucentis, a medication used to treat macular degeneration made by a company that pays generous rebates to its doctors. Melgen's firm donated more than … $ 20 million in… Continue reading