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Medications Cut Violence Among Mentally Ill in Study

Medications Cut Violence Among Mentally Ill in Study
Previous evidence suggests that people with severe mental illnesses do have an elevated risk of violent behavior, compared with the general population, particularly when they are untreated or are engaged in substance abuse. But there has been … "It's …
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Does Anyone Know of a Good Detox and Inpatient Treatment Center in Milwaukee, WI?

Question by EzraMoon: Does anyone know of a good detox and inpatient treatment center in Milwaukee, WI?

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Answer by kermit
I’ve heard Meta House is really good.
Are you a woman? They specialize in women. Its downtown on prospect.

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To Those With Mental Illness: Do You Have Problems With Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Your Family?

Question by ~~Birdy~~: To those with mental illness: Do you have problems with alcohol and drug abuse in your family?
Do you get concerned about yourself?

Do you ever think about drinking to change your mood? What stops you?

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Answer by Van Bo
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Fighting Prescription Drug Abuse at Buchanan High School

Fighting prescription drug abuse at Buchanan High School
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — This week, Buchanan High School is the hub for a series of events. All organized to fight the dangers prescription drug abuse. Groups, volunteers, high school students and folks simply supporting the fight against prescription drug …
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Drug Abuse Resistance Education Fifth Grade Graduates Recognized by St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office

Drug Abuse Resistance Education fifth grade graduates recognized by St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office
The St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office honored St. Bernard Parish fifth-graders who recently completed a 12-week program in Drug Abuse Resistance Education, or DARE, taught by instructors from the Sheriff’s Office. The program is aimed at trying to… Continue reading

Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic Is Topic of Summit Thursday in Lower Paxton Township

Prescription drug abuse epidemic is topic of summit Thursday in Lower Paxton Township
The first of two drug abuse summits set by the Dauphin County commissioners to draw attention to prescription drug abuse will be held at 6 p.m. Thursday in the Lower Paxton Township building. A panel of national,… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Atlanta Tampa St. Gregory Retreat Center

Drug Rehab Atlanta Tampa St. Gregory Retreat Center — Drug Rehab Atlanta Tampa Substance Abuse Alcohol Treatment Counseling (888) 778-5833 “The Life Process Program© is the most advan…

POLICE BRIEFS: Pier streakers exposed by motion sensor lighting
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Wellmont Diabetes Treatment Centers Holding Health Fair

Wellmont Diabetes Treatment Centers holding health fair — The free event at Holston Valley Medical Center on Tuesday, March 26, will include an opportunity to take a diabetes risk assessment test, which takes into a…

CRC Health Group to pay .25 million to settle TennCare fraud allegations
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Rampant Drug Abuse Haunts Punjab’s Ruling Coalition

Rampant drug abuse haunts Punjab’s ruling coalition
Amritsar: Punjab has placed the Election Commission officials in a quandary following the recovery of drugs and narcotics on a daily basis. Unlike other states where political parties are accused of distributing money and alcohol as bribe to voters on poll …
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Addiction Fact or Fiction?

Question by `~Quie~“`;,,.’: Addiction fact or fiction?
I smoked and did LOTS of drugs during my life, and I quit (its been two years) without any problems: no cravings or withdrawls to speak of. So my question is simply: is addiction real or a matter of will power?… Continue reading