Brothers Alcohol Addiction? Need Help Please!?

Question by Aidan: Brothers Alcohol Addiction? Need help please!?
I’m a 16 year old male. I’ve had to put up with experiences of seing my brother rot away in alcohol. Many days of seing him drinking litre bottles of vodka, through the little space in the door. He’s been doing this a long time now and it’s breaking our family’s emotions, he is very selfish and carefree i truly think as he does not listen to people in various occassions of heavy drinking, my sister is just neglecting him now as she has helped him so much in the past, but enough is enough for her, because he just keeps repeating himself.

He has been to rehab for 6 months previously.

I really cant be bothered listen to his lies anymore, its really irritating. He was drinking heavily before christmas time, he was told by my father that he is going to be kicked out, as he spilt drink all over his bedroom floor one day and my dad toally flipped. My brother then came into the kitchen one time before this christmas past there, and me, my sister, mum and dad stood there listening to his lies, saying that he does not want to loose us as a family, we accepted his apology, and soon after he repeats it and now we are were we are now currently. What do i do, this reason i am expressing this now particularly is because he stole my plug adaptor which was hooked into my computer without asking me. He locks himself in the room with the wardrobe in front of it. Seriously what do i do, there is alot more stories but i dont want to bore you people in any way. I’ve also been really down lately due to depression, my life seems to be rotting away gradually day by day, its eating me alive, i think i am unable to cope. Just need some thorough helpful advice
He’s coming 30 in June just for the info.
Today really kicked me off, i walked into his room because i needed to get my plug adaptor and the wardrobe stopped me again, i called him and he did not answer, he was listening to ‘Cradle of Filt’ up full blast, the smell of vodka burned my nose,i felt sick. I didnt even get the plug.

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Answer by SUNSHINE
When he is there sloppy drunk call ambulance tell them he may hurt himself or that he has alcohol poisoning. They will come and he will be admitted to rehab. You are young to have this on your shoulders and the depression comes with taking on other people’s responsibilities. I do not know if there is alanon available to you. In US Alanon is a support group for family members of alcoholics. Try to reach out because now your brother is not only making himself sick. He is also making you sick. Good Luck.

Answer by Boo
Join the Navy , once you hit 18 years old !!
It’s a great place to find out what you want to do with your life and you get paid traveling .

If anything learn from your brother’s mistake and don’t drink it’s not worth it .

Be strong and you will be proud of yourself and what you have become

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