Mental Health Month Brings Focus to Hoosier Prescription Drug Abuse

Mental Health Month brings focus to Hoosier prescription drug abuse
While news of celebrity deaths and arrests related to drug abuse may seem like isolated events, the dramatic increase of opiate addiction is a widespread epidemic to which Hoosiers are not immune. May is Mental Health Month, which provides an… Continue reading

Financial Aid for Drug Rehabs?

Question by PragerGirl: Financial aid for drug rehabs?
I have a friend who seriously needs to get into a rehab clinic, but he has no insurance. Do you know of any programs that offer assistance in paying for the rehab. Or how to go about finding one? I would appreciate… Continue reading

Target2: Heroin Epidemic, a Lengthy Recovery

Target2: Heroin Epidemic, A Lengthy Recovery
There are more than a dozen treatment options available in Northeast Wisconsin ranging from in and out-patient programs to dosing of methadone which is a drug used to wean people off heroin. All this though comes at a price even counselors say … does… Continue reading

Medications Cut Violence Among Mentally Ill in Study

Medications Cut Violence Among Mentally Ill in Study
Previous evidence suggests that people with severe mental illnesses do have an elevated risk of violent behavior, compared with the general population, particularly when they are untreated or are engaged in substance abuse. But there has been … "It's …
Read more… Continue reading

Has Anyone Gone to a Residental Drug Rehab Center or Known Someone That Has and Would Recommend It?

Question by SHELTIELUVER: Has anyone gone to a residental drug rehab center or known someone that has and would recommend it?
I desperately need to get into a drug rehab center but I’d like to go to a fairly nice one. The problem is that they’re so expensive!… Continue reading

Does Anyone Know of a Good Detox and Inpatient Treatment Center in Milwaukee, WI?

Question by EzraMoon: Does anyone know of a good detox and inpatient treatment center in Milwaukee, WI?

Best answer:

Answer by kermit
I’ve heard Meta House is really good.
Are you a woman? They specialize in women. Its downtown on prospect.

my friend was doing outpatiet stuff there… she… Continue reading

Rehab After Work of Philadelphia, PA Helps Fight Drug Addiction | (215) 342-4400

Rehab After Work of Philadelphia, PA Helps Fight Drug Addiction | (215) 342-4400 — Rehab After Work of Philadelphia offers a caring staff of professionals who can help you through these tough times. Fami…

State expert says drug addiction at epidemic level
Recent statistics have shown that as many… Continue reading

Map Locates Providence, Rhode Island Where a Circus Accient Injures Its

Map locates Providence, Rhode Island where a circus accient injures its
Ukraine sent an elite national guard unit to its southern port of Odesa, desperate to halt a spread of the fighting between government troops and a pro-Russia militia in the east that killed combatants on both sides Monday.… Continue reading

Hallucinating Away a Heroin Addiction

Hallucinating Away a Heroin Addiction
But the typical plan, rehab and detox, rarely works. …. Clean and sober for 12 years, he looks nowhere near 51, eats a healthy diet six days a week and “cheats” one, and stays as active as he can, taking time out of each day… Continue reading

Probe Into Use of Pot Oil to Help Boy Ends

Probe into use of pot oil to help boy ends
BRANDON — A child abuse investigation has been closed with a finding of innocence in the case of Renee Petro, a Fishhawk mother who's seeking to use a medical marijuana derivative to help her brain-damaged, epilepsy-stricken child. … She also… Continue reading