How to Stop My Opiate Addiction?

Question by Bob Job: How to stop my Opiate addiction?
I have been using opiates for over a year now, sometimes with a perscription sometimes with out. Oxycontin has been my main obsticle and being that it nearly costs a dollar a milligram it can cost up to $ 100 just for one day. I have not been using everyday but every chance I get money thats where almost all of it goes. My mom is aware of this addiction and I have been trying to stress to her that this is a very hard one to break. I have used marijuana, adderall, benzodiazapines, and other perscription medicine. Opiates have this grab on me that is very hard to quit.

Withdrawls are the worst, I dont feel like doing anything, I get these unstopable cravings, and I feel very depressed. Not having insurance that covers rehab I told my mom that going to the Methadone clinic would help all my cravings and withdrawls and that I can slowly get off Methadone. My mom said that “you cant use another drug to get off a drug” Apparently she knows people that have used Methadone for pain problems and it has had very bad side effects and could cause cancer? thats what she told me. She said that I should go to NA meetings but I have been and it hasnt been all that eye opening for me.

Is there another route or will I just have to go on the Methadone program without her knowing? I am of legal age to do so.

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Answer by thorn105
Um, go to the methadone clinic. I know how your mom feels, but I better understand how an opiate addiction feels. You could have seizures from the withdrawals and DIE. Go to the clinic. Here is a website that has a section called “the dark side” where people talk about opiate addictions and what they are going thru as they come off it. It isn’t like the [email protected] NA meetings, which in my opinion reinforce the negative. Go to and put Opiate addictions in the search and you will find lots of people in the same spot you are. Good luck, my friend. Mother Opium is a bitch and then some.

Ok, I’m just going to add here, that the withdrawals from this drug are PHYSICAL and very painful, as well as mental. There is nausea, diarreha, headaches, insomnia,extreme anxiety, and the danger of seizure. Maybe I am not understanding what this other girl was saying, but I’ve been down this road, TWICE, and I know what it is like. Anyone who tells you your withdrawal is only mental has NEVER experienced it, and should not be commenting on it. The very REASON they have methadone clinics is so p[eople will not die from withdrawals when trying to kick this addiction. There is NOTHING “good” about this addiction. Email me if you feel like it [email protected]

Answer by amber
This drug grabs people VERY VERY fast and there are good and bad parts of this addction.The bad part is that the addection is all mental not like other drugs that cause pain after stopping use.I am going to be honest with you the best thing I can say is you have to have the desire to stop and then and only then will you be free from the drug.You can’t stop for money reasons,family or even health you have to really be sick and tired of being sick and tired.Although people rarely talk about it this is the fastest growing drug of choice on the market(RX).If you would like to talk in more depth about this please email me at [email protected] of luck to you.My heart breaks for you.

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