I Know This Is Long but Its VIP to My Family and It Is a 911 Crisis for Us. Please Help With Advice!?

Question by amberhay2602: I know this is long but its VIP to my family and it is a 911 crisis for us. Please help with advice!?
Hi my name is Amber and I am desperate for help for my 31 year old sister. She is in jail right now on very serious charges of child endangerment and possession of a controlled substance. She has two boys a 3 year old and a 2 year old. When her first son was 3 months old she found out she was pregnant again. Her body, hormones and emotional state of mind never recovered from her first pregnancy before she was pregnant again. She went into a serious case of postpartum depression. Work was out of the question for her because of these two young babies. She never got to enjoy her first son like what I feel she should of because of the youngest needing so much attention being a new born. She began to self medicate with xanax and it did seem to help at first but it soon became a very bad problem The father worked offshore and was gone all the time to support his family..Her and the kids and the father lived with us in Fl until about 6 months ago and we all knew how depressed she was so he moved them out to Ala in a beautiful home and tried to give them a better life. This really made it worst because now her and the kids are all alone out their and she no longer had her family and friends . She sunk more into her depression and into her medication. Things quickly took a turn for the worst. She got caught with some painkillers and got arrested for driving under the influence with her children in the car. She went to jail and we bailed her out and she was ordered to probation and something called drug court where she had to do a urine test once a week. We thought this would stop her and scare her straight… It did not… She went to a doctor who come to find out he is what you call a script doc who writes scripts for cash. She got prescription for loritabs and xanax. She let the drug court people know that she got her scripts and she thought she found a way to beat the system.. They also made her attend drug classes she only told them about her xanax and failed to mention her loitabs which is a pain killer because that what she got caught with so if they found out about them they would make her stop taking them. Needless to say they tested here there and she failed for the hydrocodien (loritabs) if the truth was known she was probably nodding out from her xanax and they tested her and of course she was dirty. So, now she violated her probation. She went to jail that day but was allowed to be signed out until her court date this coming Jan. Well, with all this trouble she has gotten in her head is really messed up and let me mention my sister has never been in trouble before this. Drugs have made her a totally different person. She was a straight A student growing up. A very reasonable person and a loving mother as time went on a the drug dependency got worst. I’m sad to say but the pills became number one for her. To get to my point . Last week she was arrested for leaving her 3 year old son in the car strapped into the seat belt in the car asleep in her drive way over night. The car door was left open and he was left in there for about 12 hours over night when a neighbor found him and called the police. They found her passed out on the hall way floor in her house closed to a overdosed and her 2 year old was on the couch a sleep. I believe she got the 2 year old out and was going back to get the 3 year old and passed out that’s why the door was left open. Words cant describe the anger we felt towards her for doing this. She could have killed him. We have left her in jail for what she has done to her kids. But she needs HELP desperately she is now possibly facing prison for what she has done but my sister never in her right mind do this to her kids. She loves those boys more then life its self and they love their mommy just the same . They were together 24-7 their whole life. This has ruined all of our lives. We have her children and they are fine. Lucky they are so young they dont understand what is happening and hopefully it wont scare them because I believe they wont remember this. I dont feel she needs prison but a rehab. At Least a year or longer. She is sick and anyone who knows about drug addiction knows it is a disease and a sickness. At that point she was incapable of taking care of them and passed out. She was probably close to dieing herself. I’m not sure but we have heard that she mixed methadone with her xanax that night. That is a deadly combination and she almost killed her children and herself. We need advice on what to do to help her get the help she needs. We wont get her out of jail because we know she has to pay for what she did to them babies but prison is not the answer. I feel that will only make it worst and not help the underlying problem of the depression that turned into a horrible drug addiction. This story has been all over the news radio and the papers here in Fl and Ala. You can go to Baldwin county in Alabama news website and see the whole story.

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Answer by inkyjelly
Im not 100% sure wut the question actually is–but I think you just have to leave her alone-she made bad choices and its her own fault, have her pay the price and she will get it in her head sooner or later

Answer by Dew
She needs in a rehab facility where she is not able to leave until she is detoxed.I am sorry your family is going through this,It is a good thing she has you to help her out until she gets her life back on track.The Husband needs to come home and get a job and hlp take care of these kids.

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