I Wish to Find Drug Rehabs in Medford, New York. How Will I Do This?

Question by beatriz s: I wish to find drug rehabs in Medford, New York. How will I do this?
I don’t live there, but my sister does. It surprised me to know that she’s drug addicted now. I never thought that kind of thing would happen to her, of all people. I guess it’s just because she’s always been the good girl. Now she’s suffering, and I really want to help. I don’t know how. All I know is that I want to take part in finding a drug rehab for her. Maybe in this little way, she’ll see that she’s really important to me, and she’ll stop wasting her life away..

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Answer by destinie s
Finding drug rehabs is pretty easy. The links below already have lists of the drug rehabs in your sister’s area. You can also ask her to go to a doctor so she can get herself checked up. Or you can look in the yellow pages for her. You know, this is not the only thing you can do to help her. Call her frequently. Chat with her. Make her feel as if you’re always there for her. Tell her of how good of a person she is, and that taking drugs is not doing anything to help her, rather, it just worsens her life. GIve her your encouragement and don’t judge her harshly. This will give her strength and it will make the whole ordeal easier for her to get through.

Answer by tgoreddevil
well let me start by saying rehab does work,, only if she wants it to.. not just because you want her to.. i was on meth cocaine and alchahol for years,,(very very heavy use) people tried to get me to quit but i never did until i was ready,, just showing her that you care isnt enoug, sorry to tell you but most people wont quit untill they have hit rock bottem,, they care that you care enough but that just isnt enough,,right now the drugs are more important even if they say they aret tey are.. when looking for a rehab find a live in one,, out patient rehabs are a joke and at least 6 month,, 9 month or a year is better though.. find a strict one,, i went to the salvation army they ae usually for men but have a few programs for women,, on the east coast they have one like the salvation army i cant remember the name but you could look it up,, but it probably wont work like i said not untill she is ready. in the mean time be supportive and talk to her about it unill she is willing to go, and if you really want it to work i can not stress enough about a live in 6 month or longer program, and move away, for a while the temptation will be strong so leave no room for failure ,, good luck- 2 years 1 month 13 days sober.

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