I’m in Mapleton, New Jersey, and I Want to Find Someone Whom I Can Talk to Regarding My Alcohol Addiction.

Question by ciarra h: I’m in Mapleton, New Jersey, and I want to find someone whom I can talk to regarding my alcohol addiction.
I really want to discuss this with a stranger. Not a stranger that I can eventually be friends with. Just a stranger who would listen to my thoughts and maybe offer a few pieces of advice and help me get my act together. Maybe some of you know of helplines… or maybe give me contact numbers of some addiction treatment centers?

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Answer by alma ld
The links below will be able to help you in finding addiction treatment centers. 🙂
And I do know a helpline that you could call. It’s 800-559-9503.

I understand that you would want to talk to a stranger about this. I too, am an introvert, and when things are bugging me, I find that it’s better sometimes to keep it to myself rather than talk to a friend or family member. However, when you just can’t hold it inside you, and you have to talk to someone else, helplines are great. 🙂 I do hope that you get yourself treated soon.

Answer by michele
Carrier Clinic
252 County Road 601
Belle Mead, NJ 08502


additional link to NJ area addiction treatment resources:

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