Need a Cheap Rehab for Heroin Addiction in London Uk?

Question by Blanket: need a cheap rehab for heroin addiction in london uk?
my boyfriend has struggled with heroin addictions, come off and gone back on it. its now worse than ever and i think if he doesnt act now it will get too hard for him to stop. he doesnt have much money so expensive rehab treatments are impossible. rehab is one option, and probably the best one, but other ideas are welcome. preferably something that i could easily access too for support, like a rehab centre with visiting privileges or sessions i could attend with him if he wanted so he doesnt have to go through it alone. we live in london, so uk centres in or close to london are best.

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Answer by Hannah
You are out of luck rehab costs thousands try going cold turkey?

Answer by Lisa
Massive doses of vitamin B and C. Doctors helped alchoolics and drug addicts with that alone. Sometimes the desire to soothe with drugs come from deficiency and the distress it cause… turning to substances that will destroy them further to heal their damage is counter productive and spiral people into addiction, thinking they get better from the short high when it’s what cause the worsening crash… if he knows… if he believes that they make him worst and not better… it will help.

Look into adrenal fatigue, it’s somewhat related. Great advices.
Make him take Calcium+D3 and magnesium… it calms.

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