Ok So Here Goes My Friend, and Yes Really My Friend, Is Addicted to Pain Killers, She Wants Help?

Question by poisonivy: ok so here goes my friend, and yes really my friend, is addicted to pain killers, she wants help?
she has ohio medical card(care source), is there any help in ohio that can help and that not expensive and possible if the medical card would help with expenses, she really wants to quit

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Answer by letterstoheather
health departments sometimes have outpatient drug rehab programs, but it all depends upon your friend’s willingness to quit

she might also talk with her doctor — sometimes people can’t just quit the drug(s) cold turkey.

Answer by melhakim85
they usually cover something like 50%… I don’t know why they don’t fully cover it… there are a lot of online sources and support groups she/he can seek… I think support from people around him/her is the most important thing right now.

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