Where Can I Find Help for My Now Ex- Girlfriend. She Is Hooked on Opiates and Has Been for Years. She Has No $?

Question by Ryan: Where can I find help for my now Ex- girlfriend. She is hooked on opiates and has been for years. She has no $ ?
We were together for 9 months but I have come to the conclusion that I just can’t take the pain anymore. She has been on opiates for years. She is now saying that she is ready to get off them but I know we can’t be together while this happens. I desperately want to help her as a friend in anyway that I can. She will have no where to live after she moves out of my house in 2 days, no money, no job, and she says her parents won’t even help her get assistance. She says she has been through the free rehabs before and the marchman act but they will kick her out after 3 days because they are so crowded with people in there from the court system. We live in Palm Beach county (South Florida). Where can I look for somewhere that will take her in, help her with her rehab, if she is willing to do it, and not make her leave in a few days? Please Help.

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have her go to a NA meeting and ask people in the program what to do and where to go. Without resources, and a strong desire to quit, it does seem hopeless. The desire to quit will motivate you to do and/or go seek resources to help. I know that it sucks, but no one has died from opiate withdrawal. Truly the best avenue is the help that Jesus will give if you ask sincerely. God bless you!

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