Where Is a Good Outpatient Drug Rehab in NY?

Question by Katie: Where is a good outpatient drug rehab in NY?
I am 20 years old and live at home with my parents. In order for me to continue living with them and have them support me financially, I have to get clean. I have to get off of heroin and I know that getting off of it won’t be pretty and I may end up going to a detox center. But then again, I don’t want to get addicted to the crap they feed me for the withdrawals, like methadone or suboxone.
Anyway, I don’t really want to get clean, but I don’t want to be homeless, so I’ll play this little bullsh* *t game with my parents. I’m pretty much just gonna find an outpatient place, because I convinced them that I don’t need a 28 day inpatient or whatever, but if I can get away with still using, I probably will.
And I know at least one person is going to say something along the lines of “You have to get clean for you, not for anyone else. It will never work if you are being forced into it.” And, honestly, I agree. I don’t want to get clean, but my desire to have a house, a car, a place to sleep, a hot shower, food, school, and all the other things I would lose if they cut me off financially, is stronger than my desire to shoot up. There was most definitely a time that I would choose the heroin, but I’m gonna try to be smart about this and do what they say, have a good girl image, while all the while still doing drugs behind their backs.
Soooooooo, my question is: Do you know of any decent outpatient drug facilities in NYC or Long Island?? Preferably one targeted at young adults (NOT teens) but this is not necessary. I would also like to go to a place that does not force you to be drug tested. I’m not court mandated and I am over 18, so I don’t think they are allowed to tell my parents the results anyway, but still, I hate peeing in a cup. And I REALLY hate having to pee in front of someone. Do they make you do this in all outpatients? I mean, if I’m going voluntarily they can’t force me, right? Or will they kick me out if I refuse to give testings? Thank you, and I would appreciate any advice.

P.S. Please don’t comment with some trolling bs, or any negative comments like calling me a junkie or something. Yeah, I guess I am a junkie, but I really don’t care.
EDIT: OK you know nothing about my parents or my home life so don’t act as if you do. Maybe I am a bad person for trying to work around the system, but I really don’t care. And don’t say I can’t do it, because I have done it many, many times before. If you put on a sorry face and feed them the b.s. that they want to hear, it is very easy to trick them. If you are smart enough, that is. You can’t slip up and let anything out. All you have to do is feed them a sob story about how you never wanted to hurt anyone and you want to get clean and they buy right into it. I’m not being forced into going, so why shouldn’t they believe me? It is so simple to trick people it is ridiculous. So call me a bad person if you want, at least I don’t have to bare with the burden of having a conscience. 🙂
Oh, and the whole idea is NOT that I am going to get them to play by my rules. The idea is that I am going to have them think that I am playing by their rules, while in reality I’m doing what I want.

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Answer by ok
wow, I feel sorry for your naive and ignorant parents who want to help you and they LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN SAY, and you are scaming them.

NO ONE with any knowledge , at rehab or elsewhere will play by your rules. They KNOW what the addiction is about, they KNOW the games you are playing, they KNOW it all. You DO need more than the withdrawal days.

I recently read that taking NAC which is N-Acetylcysteine, at 600mg to 1800mg a day , let it build up in your body and it helps stop the cravings of opiates , heroin, and sometimes alcohol.
You have a chance to get better.
if you don’t take it , you are going to wind up dead.
Please take the real chance of getting better and off those horrible drugs. YOu are not just killling yourself, you are killing your family.

Or just send your letter to drphil.com, and see if you are one of the thousands that would like his help to get off drugs.

There are more than 641 rehab places in NY. withdrawal takes about 6 days. you need the follow up

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