Are There Really Alternative Forms of Treatment for Cancer?

Question by Cerantine: Are there really alternative forms of treatment for cancer?
I was told that in Mexico there is 100% effective treatment of cancer by Hydrogen Peroxide types of treatment and also 100% effective forms of treatment by the use of a Multi-wave Oscillator. Is this true? If it is, why is it not placed into use by our healthcare system?

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Answer by Loaf
Yes. The sad thing is, drug companies make too much money from conventional treatments that string the patient along from one expensive drug to the next that these alternative methods are not promoted.

Answer by Dr.Bhupathi
alternative medicine, AYUSH, ayurveda, yoga,unani, siddha, homoeopathy, nature cure are already in vogue in India from centuries.
the systems mentioned by u are also worth trying, if affordable by the common man and if no side effects.

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