Financial Aid for Drug Rehabs?

Question by PragerGirl: Financial aid for drug rehabs?
I have a friend who seriously needs to get into a rehab clinic, but he has no insurance. Do you know of any programs that offer assistance in paying for the rehab. Or how to go about finding one? I would appreciate any help you can offer.

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Answer by the_only_solorose
pardon me? your “friend” could find the means to pay for enough drugs to get hooked on, but can’t find the means to pay for his own rehab? sorry, no sympathy from me, and I doubt very much you will find anyone out there willing to finance his rehab by the same reasoning.

Answer by ironbuttsironheads
I went to a residential program. The tuition was $ 700/month. You cant leave the property while you are there, & most women have families that paid for it. I did not & couldn’t pay for it. But, I neede help, so they gave me a scholarship. I do know of 2 men’s rehabs in GA that will give partial scholarships & give the men the opportunity to work off the rest of it. They are: No Longer Bound in Cumming, GA website: and Waypoint in Dahlonega, GA website:

These two programs each have about an 80% success rate. It is hard, but well worth it!! The place I went to is just like to men’s programs but for women. I have been clean & sober now for almost 3 years. Good luck!

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