How Would Chronic Alcohol Abuse Affect Cholesterol Levels?

Question by kev91183: How would chronic alcohol abuse affect cholesterol levels?
So, my mom found out recently that she has high cholesterol. She’s attempting to get it down on her own, though the doctor is having her take crestor anyway. She doesnt eat badly. It’s maybe not perfect but doesn’t really eat high fat or fried foods or anything like that. Now here is the thing with my mother: she’s an alcoholic. She has been a drinker for probably about 40-50 years now (she’s 70). Her parents were, too. My family has tried to talk to her about it, many many times, and she will simply not change. She comes home from work and starts drinking right away, and probably averages 3 handles of vodka a week. I guess my question is, could the alcohol abuse have lead to the high cholesterol? She also had open heart surgery about 2 years ago for a leaky heart valve, and the whipple procedure years before that. What other things could be alcohol related that could happen?

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Answer by SammyTheBull
I doubt alcohol causes high cholesterol although if you are looking for evidence you could look up homocystein levels & what vitamins help lower them or raise them. I forget how homocysteine levels work on cholesterol. I do seem to remember Vit B12 & folic acid help raise them I think which is good if I remember right. So you could claim to your mom that she is washing those water soluble vitamins out of her system by drinking so much unnecessary liquid. Alcohol dehydrates too so she is drinking even more liquids to rehydrate.

Sounds like BS doesn’t it, but if she’s sauced all the time, she may beleive it. If you want my honest opinion, she’s lucky she hasn’t died from cirrhosis of the liver already. She’s like millions of Americans who smoke & drink, they are self destructive & there’s nothing you can do about it.

I’m sure she’ll just do what millions of Americans do all the time & not change their behaviour one iota except for to take a pill & think all their health problems will just magically disappear.

Answer by mcdbb
High triglycerides. That and possibly a higher HDL level.

You’re talking systemic damage, particularly to the liver, kidneys, and heart, higher risks for developing cancers of the head, neck, and gastrointestinal tract. If she has had a whipple, sounds like she’s already got a history of cancer.

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