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Health Groups Say FDA 'vaping' Rules Fail to Protect Children

Health groups say FDA 'vaping' rules fail to protect children
WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration's move to regulate e-cigarettes drew criticism Thursday from some public health advocates, who said the regulations do not go far enough to protect young consumers. The proposed rule would for the first …
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Drug Addictions…..?

Question by icesk8erchic101: drug addictions…..?
Name two reasons why the method of drug delivery is an improtant factor in addiction?

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Answer by unicorn322
Once an error is clearly and fully understood, it need not be repeated. Addiction is to the false Self. Drugs and Alcohol are… Continue reading

Addiction Recovery New Jersey

addiction recovery new jersey — This is the psycho-educational addiction and mental health recovery method accessible 24/7. It’s got resources no matter if you are usually the one strugglin…

A bipolar doctor probes the brain on 'Black Box'
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What Are Some Good Ways to Deal With Bottled Up Anger/sadness?

Question by : What are some good ways to deal with bottled up anger/sadness?
I just want to know some good, non painful, ways to deal with all the anger and sadness I have bottled up inside. :/
Also, I’m Atheist. .-.

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Answer by chaoticgodz
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Priest James Schook Gets 15 Years in Sodomy Case

Priest James Schook gets 15 years in sodomy case
Schook, ordained in 1975, has been a central character for years in the local Catholic sex abuse crisis that exploded in 2002, and left some deeply critical of how the Louisville archdiocese handled abusive priests. The Archdiocese of … The files… Continue reading

Addiction Recovery Center for Women Henderson Nc

addiction recovery center for women henderson nc — This is a psycho-educational addiction and mental wellness recovery method offered 24/7. They have tools regardless of whether you’re normally the one battli…

WNC mom joins marijuana fight
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I Need Drug Addiction help…If You Know of Any Phone Numbers or Help Lines That Really Work Please Share!!?

Question by ??AUDREY??: I need Drug addiction help…If you know of any phone numbers or help lines that really work please share!!?

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Answer by sarah
National Alcohol & Substance
Abuse Foundation

1- 800 784 6776

Answer by DarknessXII
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ADDICTION, RECOVERY and YOGA — Addiction Recovery and Yoga.

'It's really scary': Lindsay Lohan admits she's been 'very close' to relapsing
I liked doing that kind of work out and I sweat more doing that than I do doing yoga, or getting on a treadmill, or anything else.' The… Continue reading

Need a List of Drug-Alcohol Centers in Charlotte North Carolina?

Question by philmarie333: need a list of drug-alcohol centers in charlotte north carolina?

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Answer by BradAusmusIsHot!
Looking for drug rehab and treatment centers in Charlotte , North Carolina? Please call 1-800-876-6378

North Carolina
Pavillon International Treatment and Renewal Center Mill Spring, NC
Recovery Ventures Western North Carolina
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Maryland Addiction Recovery Center Makes Addiction Treatment More

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center Makes Addiction Treatment More
Maryland Addiction Recovery Center, the new substance abuse treatment center in Towson, MD that is bringing the latest in comprehensive addiction treatment solutions to the Baltimore area, is proud to announce it's latest initiative: the "Alumni …
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