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I Know This Is Long but Its VIP to My Family and It Is a 911 Crisis for Us. Please Help With Advice!?

Question by amberhay2602: I know this is long but its VIP to my family and it is a 911 crisis for us. Please help with advice!?
Hi my name is Amber and I am desperate for help for my 31 year old sister.… Continue reading

A Conservative Approach to Drug Laws

A conservative approach to drug laws
Gov. Chris Christie has backed legal reform in New Jersey, specifically to set up drug courts that will deal with nonviolent offenders and require treatment for their addiction. He memorably said that it made no sense to put addicts in jail since they …… Continue reading

How Would Chronic Alcohol Abuse Affect Cholesterol Levels?

Question by kev91183: How would chronic alcohol abuse affect cholesterol levels?
So, my mom found out recently that she has high cholesterol. She’s attempting to get it down on her own, though the doctor is having her take crestor anyway. She doesnt eat… Continue reading

Judge Denies Another Delay in Drug Cases

Judge denies another delay in drug cases
… minor offenses, vs major offenses. If its a first offense, time served and release to a rehab center. Why aren't the Drug Courts doing their job and court ordering to detox and rehab, oh I forget we don't have detox and rehabs… Continue reading

Forum on Drug Abuse Hears From Recovering Addicts

Forum On Drug Abuse Hears from Recovering Addicts
… substance abuse. Botticelli, who is in recovery from alcohol addiction, encouraged people to speak out about their experiences so others will understand help is available, saying only about one in nine people with a substance abuse problem get …
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Miley Cyrus Forced to Cancel Another Tour Date

Miley Cyrus forced to cancel another tour date
Miley Cyrus has had to cancel another concert as she remains in hospital after suffering a severe allergic reaction to medication she took to treat a sinus infection. The singer won't be appearing at her St. Louis, Missouri concert, a day after… Continue reading

Where in Houston Texas Can You Go for Free Hiv Resting?

Question by abhijeet_00: where in houston texas can you go for free hiv resting?

Best answer:

Answer by Boba Phatt
Your best bet is to check with the Houston Department of Health and Human Services – 713-794-9020.

Answer by ostraussey
Lots of places for anonymous or confidential HIV… Continue reading

At 21, Recovering Heroin Addict Starts Over

At 21, recovering heroin addict starts over
Almost immediately, he spent $ 10 on yet another bag of the drug. By then …. As a child, Lewis took regular family vacations to Florida to see his grandparents and visit Disney World. Still, he … Lewis completed rehab and started taking… Continue reading

Drug Abuse Council Supports Ganja Decriminalisation

Drug Abuse Council supports ganja decriminalisation
KINGSTON, Jamaica – The National Council on Drug Abuse (NCDA) believes that the use of marijuana in Jamaica should be decriminalised not only for medicinal purposes, but also for religious and recreation. “The position of the National …
drug abuse – Bing News

Treating… Continue reading

Full Circle 06-08-2012 V10 (Video by Tom Messner)

Full Circle 06-08-2012 V10 (Video by Tom Messner) — Full Circle Band at Butler Downtown, Butler PA 06-08-2012 V10.

Circuit Court sentencings
David Michael Thurman Jr., 32, 4381 M. Dr. South, Athens, pleaded guilty to larceny of a building: 36 months probation, must undergo substance abuse testing and treatment by… Continue reading