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Hallucinating Away a Heroin Addiction

Hallucinating Away a Heroin Addiction
But the typical plan, rehab and detox, rarely works. …. Clean and sober for 12 years, he looks nowhere near 51, eats a healthy diet six days a week and “cheats” one, and stays as active as he can, taking time out of each day… Continue reading

Friend Possibly Dying. No Insurance. No One Listens. Please Help!?

Question by : Friend possibly dying. No insurance. No one listens. Please help!?
My friend has been very ill for about 4 years. Seizures, multiple surgeries, GI/digestion problems, consistent vomiting due to lack of digestion and food absorption, bruising appearing on the surfaces of the skin, and tons… Continue reading

Kansas Drug Rehab Detox | 877 677 4695 | Kansas Substance Abuse Treatment

Kansas Drug Rehab Detox | 877 677 4695 | Kansas Substance Abuse Treatment — Kansas Drug Rehab Detox | 877-677-4695 | Kansas Substance Abuse Treatment http://alcoholdrugrehabusa.blogspot.com Alcohol detoxification Alcohol Rehab Alcoho…

Ohio sees record high heroin overdose deaths
Minnesota authorities have seen a tenfold increase in the number of people… Continue reading

Spouse Enables Pill/drug Addicted Twin?

Question by runnin_4_u: Spouse enables pill/drug addicted twin?
My spouse has a twin,whom is not one id claim to even say i know. Hes greatly dependant on pills and alcohol. My spouse feels the need to be there and help/support bc he spends his disability check (hes 28 and only… Continue reading

Need a Cheap Rehab for Heroin Addiction in London Uk?

Question by Blanket: need a cheap rehab for heroin addiction in london uk?
my boyfriend has struggled with heroin addictions, come off and gone back on it. its now worse than ever and i think if he doesnt act now it will get too hard for him to… Continue reading

Suboxone Might Be the Most Effective Way to Beat Heroin Addiction. So Why Is

Suboxone might be the most effective way to beat heroin addiction. So why is
Dane County, which this year will spend about $ 6.4 million on addiction treatment for 6,000 to 7,000 people – about 10 percent of them opiate addicts – only pays for traditional abstinence-based treatment.… Continue reading

My Brother Has Some Problem’s That Stress Him Out and Make Him Drink, How Can I Find a Place to Help Him??

Question by dohm84: My Brother has some problem’s that stress him out and make him drink, how can I find a place to help him??
He is very lonely and I just don’t know what to do. He goes out and drinks every night and spends all his money on… Continue reading

Heroin Use, Deaths on the Rise in Utah

Heroin use, deaths on the rise in Utah
The path to heroin addiction in Utah mirrors the national trend: People start getting high on prescription opiates like Oxytocin and move to heroin because it's cheaper, said Joel Millard, executive director of the Project Reality substance abuse …
Read more on… Continue reading

EDITORIAL: Curb Prescription Drug Abuse to Prevent Heroin Nightmare

EDITORIAL: Curb prescription drug abuse to prevent heroin nightmare
No one can dispute the far-reaching effects of prescription drug abuse and its lethal path to heroin addiction. Overdose deaths are being reported at an alarming rate, and law enforcement officials are challenged with stopping the scourge.
drug abuse – Bing… Continue reading

War Against Prescription Drug Abuse May Have Fueled Heroin Use

War against prescription drug abuse may have fueled heroin use
Some in the field of drug addiction are saying the U.S. government’s fight against prescription drug abuse may be causing the rise in heroin use. The crack down on pill mills, and making prescription narcotics harder to access is fueling… Continue reading