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?Exclusive: Drug Implants to Help Address Addiction Among Doctors, Staff

?Exclusive: Drug Implants to Help Address Addiction Among Doctors, Staff
Surrounded by medication that can easily be accessed, doctors and other medical workers are in a very precarious situation, making them all the more prone to drug addiction. In the past few weeks, news broke out of a nurse and… Continue reading

Finding Treatment for Opiate Addiction Fraught With Challenges

Finding treatment for opiate addiction fraught with challenges
When opiate addiction reaches a crisis point, either through a medical emergency or a drug user's life falling apart, it can be hard knowing where to turn. … clinical social worker, addiction counselor and clinical supervisor at Spectrum Health …
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How to Convince Others to Reach Out and Help Drug Addicts?

Question by Just wonderin’: How to convince others to reach out and help drug addicts?
I am 29 days clean from many many drugs without ANY help from my church or my town. I had people from other states reach out to me to help… Continue reading

A Growing Number of Americans: Drug Abuse Is a Health Issue, Not a Crime

A Growing Number of Americans: Drug Abuse Is a Health Issue, Not a Crime
Other countries, like Canada and Switzerland, have shown how the shifting opinion can result in action. While no one thinks drug addiction is a good thing, more and more people are starting to think that the… Continue reading

Obama Plans Clemency for Hundreds of Drug Offenders

Obama plans clemency for hundreds of drug offenders
Her faith has helped her to try to make sense of what feels like an arbitrarily, even cruelly long sentence for her minor role helping her drug dealer husband. But 20 years behind bars has also tested that faith, and even caused… Continue reading

What Personality Might Have to Do With Drug Abuse Risk

What Personality Might Have To Do With Drug Abuse Risk
People with certain personality traits may be at increased risk for drug use problems, and studying personality may help researchers better understand and treat these problems, according to a new review. Many studies have attempted to link genes to the… Continue reading

Why Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatments Fail – Experts Say

Why Alcohol And Drug Addiction Treatments Fail – Experts Say — http://www.truthofaddiction.com Alcohol and drug addiction treatments have found not to be based on science or evidence. The best methods for treating addict…

Oxford OH Alcohol Drug Rehab Launches New Program Geared Toward Drug
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Constant Need of Drugs?

Question by Tinky Winky: Constant need of drugs?
Okay, well not real hard core drugs. I’m 14. I was in constant need of alcohol when I was 12, and I drank a ton. Now I’m always in need of getting high, and I smoke a lot. Don’t worry… Continue reading

FOX NEWS – Ex-Drug Addict Didn’t Find God Until He overdosed..Don’t Miss This POWERFUL Story

FOX NEWS – Ex-drug addict didn’t find God until he overdosed..Don’t miss this POWERFUL story — Chris Buscher, founder of Lay Me Down Ministry Inc, is being interviewed by KMEG Fox 44 News Febuary 13, 2011 If this video has inspired you we ask you to he…

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Spouse Enables Pill/drug Addicted Twin?

Question by runnin_4_u: Spouse enables pill/drug addicted twin?
My spouse has a twin,whom is not one id claim to even say i know. Hes greatly dependant on pills and alcohol. My spouse feels the need to be there and help/support bc he spends his disability check (hes 28 and only… Continue reading