Can You Help Me Find My Brother a Drug Rehab Center That Is Free or Super Inexpensive?

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Question by Texan~to_the-Max: Can you help me find my brother a drug rehab center that is free or super inexpensive?
My brother who has no insurance has been abusing legal and illegal drugs and goes on drug trips that land him in the loony bin a few times. He regains his senses and quits talking to the voices and himself and they let him go. He has had a pattern of proven illegal drug use or evidence of legal drug abuse like empty Nyquil bottles and alcohol containers every time he goes on one of his “trips”. We call them mental breakdowns for a lack of better term. He has been picked by police so many times and delivered to the psychic ward several times and they want to treat him like a bi-polar patient. The evidence is that he is a drug addict. His first mental breakdown was when he admitted to mixing Mary Jane with PCP and the legal half of Pen-Phen. 3 weeks he was a babbling idiot and thought he was Jesus and even tried to heal another patient. His drug trips are shorter now, but no less scary and he tend to run away whether on foot or car and disappears on us.

We tried to get him into Teen Challenge, but they don’t want him on Tegretol & Risperdal while staying there for his drug abuse treatment. He refuses to go to the homeless shelter’s drug program and he now is denying he even has a problem with drugs.

What do you suggest?

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Answer by christina c
the denial is part of the symptoms of an addict. you stated that your brother hears voices. that is a symptom of schizophrenia and also of bipolar. people with mental illnesses tend to self-medicate themselves because they are ashamed or embarrassed to admit that they have a problem. although the stigmas attached to mental illness is not as bad as it used to be there is still more of a stigma attached to it than there is to alcohol and substance abuse. the term mental breakdown is no longer in use. now it is called a psychotic break. you really need to talk to his doctor ab out some place that he can go for treatment but not for his alcohol or drug abuse but for his mental illness(es). once he is on the right meds at the right dosages then it is my humble opinion (I’ve been there myself) that it will be easier to treat any other problems that remain. your best bet is to ask his doctor where there is a treatment place where he can go where it is inexpensive due to the fact that there is not much money. also you might want to see about getting your brother on disability. then he would receive medicare and medicaid and they would pick up the cost of his treatment. check it our with your local Division of Family Services or how ever it is called in your area. my prayers go out to the both of you and i WISH you both the BEST!

Answer by Rent
Normal person will always deny that he/she is addicted for the first time. You must understand about this. I couldn’t get any more suggestion, however, I have searched on internet about rehab programs and have found a website with complete list of top rehab centers in USA that you may even search some in your area. You may take a look at the website here >>>

Hope this finding may help you find what you are looking for much faster.
God bless!

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