Do They Drug Test for Probation for Non-Drug Related Offenses in Georgia?

Question by Bear: Do they drug test for probation for non-drug related offenses in georgia?
I’ve been to court already for a speeding ticket and I have to go on probation until I get 40 hours of community service in. I’ve already paid the fine and wrote the essay they requested and completed the 40 hours, but the probation officer said i still had to come for the first meeting tomorrow. does anyone know if i will be drug tested in forsyth county, Georgia and what kind?

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Answer by EkuquoL
Possibly, sometimes they will do a random drug screening, which is sometimes mandatory even for the smallest misdemeanors.. The probation officer is who decides it, and sometimes its not just for illegal drugs, but as well for prescription drugs that you could be abusing..

So it is a Yes or No situation an completely up to the probation officer.. Most of the time it is just a basic urine test..

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