FDA Green Lights Zykadia in NSCLC

FDA Green Lights Zykadia in NSCLC
"It also demonstrates the FDA's commitment to working cooperatively with companies to expedite a drug's development, review, and approval, reflecting the promise of the breakthrough therapy-designation program." Ceritinib won the breakthrough-therapy …
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Biotech to the Rescue
Combine the rise of anti-angiogenesis with Sasisekharan's wife's career as an oncologist — “who inspired me to focus on cancer treatment,” he says — and you have the ingredients for the scientific core of Cerulean. Building on groundwork laid by …
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Congressional panel votes to subpoena Richard Cordray's aides in
He has ordered an internal review. … The discrimination issue has been playing out since an April 2 subcommittee hearing in which the fledgling CFPB was accused of giving white men favorable treatment at the expense of black employees and women.
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