How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Question by ajrangerover: How much does rehab cost?
Regular rehab compared to Promises Malibu.

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Most rehabs are AA based, a sort of crash course (or brainwashing, if you prefer). AA members love to joke about how the new members spent thousands of dollars just to be told to go to free meetings.

AA has about a 5% success rate; don’t believe a rehab that claims high success rates. (They love returning customers.)

“One recent study found that 80% of all alcoholics who recover for a year or more do so on their own, some after being unsuccessfully treated. When a group of these self-treated alcoholics was interviewed, 57% said they simply decided that alcohol was bad for them. Twenty-nine percent said health problems, frightening experiences, accidents, or blackouts persuaded them to quit. Others used such phrases as “Things were building up” or “I was sick and tired of it.” Support from a husband or wife was important in sustaining the resolution.”
Treatment of Drug Abuse and Addiction — Part III, The Harvard Mental Health Letter, October 1995.

(This seems average)
“Depending on the type of program and accommodation you require, the costs for a 28 days rehab stay at our centers usually range from $ 13,700 to $ 31,700. Both, cheaper and more expensive rehab options are offered depending on your needs and length of treatment. In some cases, we can offer you quality treatment options starting from as low as $ 2,000.”

“In the March 1 complaint, a copy of which you’ll find below, Beau Monde alleges that Love, 42, paid $ 10,000 shortly after entering the facility in August 2005, but still owes it $ 181,286.
The way I figure, it cost $ 191,286 for 86 days of rehab. Or, $ 2,224 per day. That includes spa fees, of course.”

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