How to Convince Others to Reach Out and Help Drug Addicts?

Question by Just wonderin’: How to convince others to reach out and help drug addicts?
I am 29 days clean from many many drugs without ANY help from my church or my town. I had people from other states reach out to me to help me. This town and my church needs to open their eyes. My pastor wrote me off the second he found out I was on drugs. The church started distancing themselves from me as well as my town. (Small town southern baptist type thing). If they had just helped me when I was begging for their help I would be so much farther right now. But they automatically judge and write off addicts and label them lower than dirt. I’m speaking about my recovery to this church. I need help in opening these people’s eyes to the reality of addiction. And that we aren’t bad people. Addicts are hurting people and they are HUMAN beings. What can I say? How can I word it to convince them to start reaching out to addicts? We are all sinners, we just sin differently. But addicts are seen as the lowest of the low in this town and it makes me sick and I want this to change.

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Answer by rin okumura
That’s a toughie. Small towns like yours are afraid to change, and are afraid of things they don’t know about.
If there are any meetings (alchoholics anonymous for alchoholics, I’m not sure what they are for drug users?) Drugs anonymous? In your town, then try attending some to meet more people like you. If there are none, but you know people who would benefit from it, start your own. Maybe hold open meetings and invite people from your church to come, so they can familiarize themselves with some of the problems. I hope this helps. My mom grew up in a tiny town in wyoming, and whenever we went to visit we were kind of shunned cuz she is an alchoholic and we are very liberal. Good luck 🙂

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