I Can’t Deal With This I Just Want to End My Life?

Question by : i can’t deal with this i just want to end my life?
god im so upset right now i’m only 13 and i’ve gone through so much. I was born in New Jersey and lived there for 10 years and had such a good life. Whe i turned 10 my dad got laid off and we moved all the way across the country to arizona because my mom had family there. My brother was just starting 9th grade at a new school and started using and selling drugs. After my parents found out they sent him to a treatment center in wyoming. Then my mom got really depressed and had to go to a depression treatment center in tennesee because she was taking too much medication and was found unconcious in her room so they tried to treat her and fix her depression. So she came back and so did my brother but after that my brother started using drugs again and has ran away from home 3 times and been reported missing. Since then he’s gone to juvy and been put under house arrest. We think he’s clean now but he is almost 18 so i guess its all up to him from there. my dad got laid off again and he’s yet to find a job for a year and a half. this all made my mom more depressed and what recently happened has made me cry so hard right now. on sunday she told us that she was going up to phoenix to visit her friend. She didn’t seem that enthusiastic and said that she would be back today. my dad tried to reach her but she didn’t pick up. So he called the hotel and they knocked on her room door and there was no answer and the door was locked. So they called the police and they found her unconcious on the hotel room floor. there was no friend that she was going to visit. she was trying to commit suicide by overdosing on medication. She never said goodbye to me. the hospital said that she will be okay but it just scares me. just the thought of losing her scares the hell out of me. doesn’t she know that we all love her? How could she do this to us? please help me im so upset right now

she doesn’t care about me. no one does. i just want to die.

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Answer by Jake Williams
You are probably under a lot of stress, just calm down and tell her how you feel when you see her.

Answer by ?????A
ok,but before you kill yourself watch the new episode of how i met your mother, no im just joking dont kill yourself,

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