I Want to Find Drug Rehabs in North Salt Lake, Utah. How Do I Go About This?

Question by cadence c: I want to find drug rehabs in North Salt lake, Utah. How do I go about this?
My brother, as well as his wife, are both addicted to heroin. They really need to get themselves treated. I feel sorry for their kids. I have already offered to take care of their daughters if they go through inpatient rehabilitation. I think that would be better for them. They already agreed to getting themselves treated. I just want to help them find the right drug rehab. How will I do this?

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Answer by christa p
It would be good if they could go to a doctor. The doctor will be able to assess the gravity of their situation, as well as give recommendations on what kind of treatment program would be right for them, and which drug rehab will be able to administer that program to them. You can also check out the links I’ve included below. It will help you find drug rehabs. Just make sure to inquire before you choose one. Good luck!

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