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OxyContin addiction hotline. – Addiction Hot Line Today offers various programs that have been very successful, in helping addicts who burdened by this painkiller addiction. The rehabilita…


How many more Palestinian women have to be murdered?

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But the number of murders doesn't seem to decline, and many Palestinians feel that violence in their community overall is rising: more family disputes, sexual abuse, rape, fatal traffic accidents, drug abuse and addiction. In addition there are …
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Celebs who were once victims now shed light on domestic violence

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Those are the wise words of La Toya Jackson, who suffered through domestic abuse for years at the hands of her late ex-husband and manager Jack Gordon. She lived in such fear of him that when he died she sent her … Month, but abuse is something that …
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Pine Belt churches discuss stances on homosexuality, residents protest

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Selby began Refuge 461 ministries to help people of all ages overcome homosexual urges, and there are some who say that they have been changed straight because of church services similar to Lakeside Baptist's convention and Refuge 461. … "I developed …
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