Psychiatric Ward and Self Injury Treatment Center?

Question by : Psychiatric ward and self injury treatment center?
First off, this is going to be a bit long.
I’m fourteen.
I have ADHD (If that matters.)
In March 2011, I started self injuring myself with my fingernails.
In April it turned into using a pocketknife.
I cut as deep as I could with the blade, but it wasn’t very sharp. I still made every cut bleed though.
I cut on my wrists, my legs, and on my stomach.
I wore sweatshirts and never wore a bikini or something that would show my cuts.
In early July I told my mom that I cut and she told me to stop or she would send me to the hospital. I promised her I would, but later that day I cut again. And the next day. And I kept cutting all the way up to last night without telling her. But last night I broke down and told my brother everything.
I also have constant mood swings that have nothing to do with menstrual cycles, because I have POS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) so I do not often get periods. In these mood swings, I go directly from overly happy, straight to rage, and then to depressed. Repeat. My brother had a theory that this might be bipolar, and my manic phase could be taken in the form of my self injuring. I told my mom that night too. My brother also suggested Rehab, or a self injury treatment center.
Before the treatment center, I would probably have to wait a few days in the Psychiatric Ward until I can be sent to a center. I was wondering if I should go to Rehab, or the treatment center. I could also wait for my mom to find me a therapist, but honestly I don’t believe a therapist will help me.
I’m addicted to cutting and it makes all my pain go away, but I believe if I receive the help I need, I could stop. So I was wondering:
Should I go to Rehab or a self injury treatment center?
If the treatment center, what is the psych ward like?
Do they let you have outdoor breaks?
What do you do while there?
All knowledge about the psych ward would be appreciated.
What is a Self Injury Treatment Center usually like?
Do you get to go outside?
What do you do while there?
Are there other people your age?
Do you have internet access?
Do you have phone access?
Is there always one in your state? Or do I have to be shipped off somewhere? If so, how would that work?
How long do you stay for?
Any knowledge about a self injury treatment center would be greatly appreciated.
I apologize for the bulk of this question, but I truly believe I need help and that I can stop with the help of professionals. Without help though, I will never stop.

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Answer by Alican
I used to self injure and was hospitalized for it. I also did drugs and was diagnosed with mental illness as well, so I went to a rehab. They have rehabs in every state-it depends on your insurance where you will go and how long you will stay-my stay was 3 weeks. The rehab/treatment center I went to was in CT, and I live in NY (it was a 45 min. drive from my house).
Depending on what issues you had, there were different levels of security of housing with varying levels of freedom. I was in the most restricted because they deemed me a danger to myself-others in my house were detoxing from drugs or suicidal, or schizophrenic. We had 15 minute outdoor breaks every two hours from 6 am until 8 pm on a walled in patio. There were a lot of groups we went to a day-2 with everyone, one alone with a doctor, and we also did art and pet therapy.
There were people of all ages-I was 19, and the ages of people in my unit were 18-60. However, since you are 14, you will probably be with people 10-17. There was no internet, and one pay phone we shared.
I was also in a less restricted house where we could go outside whenever we wanted, there was a cafeteria for meals (in restricted house they brought our meals to us in our main group room-no cafeteria), and there was more options for different groups and activities. Going to a meeting (AA or NA was also required everyday). I did better in the restricted ward and asked to go back the same day.
Going to treatment helped me so much and gave me tools to cope with my cutting. The rehab/treatment center worked much better for me than the psychiatric ward in the hospital. A therapist is a good person to have, and you can start or continue with them after your inpatient treatment. I’ve been seeing my therapist for 10 years and I will continue to see her even though I no longer cut. Best of luck to you. I hope you get into a good program and that it helps you. Just know that even though it’s hard, it is possible to stop cutting, and you can be a happy person.

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