Spouse Enables Pill/drug Addicted Twin?

Question by runnin_4_u: Spouse enables pill/drug addicted twin?
My spouse has a twin,whom is not one id claim to even say i know. Hes greatly dependant on pills and alcohol. My spouse feels the need to be there and help/support bc he spends his disability check (hes 28 and only thing wrong with him is that hes a druggie and lazy) on pills,drugs and alcohol. Hes on section 8 so he doesnt have rent to pay. Ive brought this up with my spouse,the enabling and him depending on my spouse to bring him food when he realizes after the drugs he has no food. I dont have a problem bringing him food once in a bit but lately its getting annoying. He calls and says he has no food we bring him food,then the next day he calls and ask for money. I tell my spouse NO and takes the money out my spouses wallet. Spouse gets mad but it stop my spouse from enabling and supporting this bad habit. P.s. spouses twin gets very violent and angry during withdrawl when he doesnt get what he wants .. what should i do bc my spouse clearly isnt getting it. Twin or not, he has a serious addiction and needs help but wont go.

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Answer by hells_forgotten_one
Sometimes those closest to addicts have the hardest time seeing the truth. About the only things I can suggest for you to try is to get your spouse’s other family members involved(if they aren’t all doing the same things with respect to spouse’s twin), and try to talk your husband into attending a support group for family members of alcoholics/drug addicts.

Answer by Flower
Section 8 does not mean you pay NO rent. You pay 1/3 of your income. Unfortunately someone who is a substance abuser is considered disabled and receive an SSI check. I think they should be in a residential facility and not get money directly from the government which they squander because it is always too much money. If someone is considered disabled, they are allowed to be on Section 8. His brother should be committed and save the taxpayers money.

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