What Are Some Good Ways to Deal With Bottled Up Anger/sadness?

Question by : What are some good ways to deal with bottled up anger/sadness?
I just want to know some good, non painful, ways to deal with all the anger and sadness I have bottled up inside. :/
Also, I’m Atheist. .-.

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Answer by chaoticgodz
I have had a lot of grudges with people who had hurt me, so my solution was to ask god to helped me learn to forgive others for what they had done. Also people who’ll thumbs down on this are usually the many atheist on yahoo answer.

Answer by Punkin
I know it seems lame, but exercise might help you. Work out really hard 3 or more times a week and your overall mindset is so much better. When I worked out regularly I didn’t feel as much unhappiness. You have enorphins in your body and the effects of exercise last for a while. Try boxing to get out even more of your aggression. I either rode a stationary bike or did aerobics and it really helped me to feel more at peace and in control of myself and my emotions. I know that you are an atheist, but maybe underneath it all that is the problem. If you really open yourself to God He will answer you and if you ask for peace He’ll help.

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